Ghost Stories A Flipbook Theme for Ghost.

Swipe the screen, click the buttons, or tap the arrow keys to turn the page.

Once upon a time...

featured Ghost Stories is a new Ghost theme from Theme Spectre based on the BookBlock project from Tympanus. Ghost Stories offers a unique and specialized experience for both authors and readers.

Rather than a traditional blog, authors can present their content as a series of individual stories, or as a cohesive narrative such as a short story or technical presentation.

Readers are immersed in the story with the book-like feel of the theme and the large attention grabbing images and text. Readers can flip through the series of stories by swiping a touchscreen, tapping the arrow keys on their keyboards, or clicking the navigation buttons in the bottom corners of the screen.

Ghost Stories can be downloaded from the Theme Spectre website!

The One Where We Get Down to Brass Tacks

Ghost Stories is packed with great features!

  • Front page content is editable via the Ghost Settings page.
  • Swipe to turn pages on tablets!
  • The title for each post automagically resizes to fit any screen size.
  • Each post/story can have a unique cover image (see documentation for details).
  • The page flip is a CSS3 animation and GPU accelerated in modern browsers.

Ghost Stories uses some very new technology, and has some experimental bits of code. There are some caveats.

  • IE8 and below is not suppored.
  • May be slow on older computers and tablets.
  • Not optimized for phones or very small screens.
  • Cannot navigate directly to individual pages (yet).
  • Author information and post meta-data are currently not implemented (coming soon!).

Please check back often or join the Theme Spectre mailing list to be notified about updated to Ghost Stories and our other great themes!

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Ghost Stories would not be possible without the hard work of Tympanus on the Book Block project. Thanks to them and their amazing Codrops website!


The beautiful responsive story title text is presented in bold, justified text regardless of screen size thanks to the Slabtext library.

And, of course, thanks to the Ghost team for creating a world class blogging platform!

Welcome to Ghost

You're in! Nice. We've put together a little post to introduce you to the Ghost editor and get you started. Go ahead and edit this post to get going and learn how it all works!

Getting Started

Writing in markdown is really easy. In the left hand panel of Ghost, you simply write as you normally would. Where appropriate, you can use formatting shortcuts to style your content. For example, a list:

  • Item number one
  • Item number two
    • A nested item
  • A final item

or with numbers!

  1. Remember to buy some milk
  2. Drink the milk
  3. Tweet that I remembered to buy the milk, and drank it

Want to link to a source? No problem. If you paste in url, like - it'll automatically be linked up. But if you want to customise your anchor text, you can do that too! Here's a link to the Ghost website. Neat.

What about Images?

Images work too! Already know the URL of the image you want to include in your article? Simply paste it in like this to make it show up:

The Ghost Logo

Not sure which image you want to use yet? That's ok too. Leave yourself a descriptive placeholder and keep writing. Come back later and drag and drop the image in to upload:


Sometimes a link isn't enough, you want to quote someone on what they've said. It was probably very wisdomous. Is wisdomous a word? Find out in a future release when we introduce spellcheck! For now - it's definitely a word.

Wisdomous - it's definitely a word.

Working with Code

Got a streak of geek? We've got you covered there, too. You can write inline <code> blocks really easily with back ticks. Want to show off something more comprehensive? 4 spaces of indentation gets you there.

.awesome-thing {
    display: block;
    width: 100%;

Ready for a Break?

Throw 3 or more dashes down on any new line and you've got yourself a fancy new divider. Aw yeah.

Advanced Usage

There's one fantastic secret about Markdown. If you want, you can write plain old HTML and it'll still work! Very flexible.

That should be enough to get you started. Have fun - and let us know what you think :)